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Xtreme Lash Extentions
Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extentions
 are naturally looking strands of eyelashes. They are applied  eyelash by eyelash from an Xtreme Lash Certified Eye Lash Extention Stylist.

 The extentions will give you longer, thicker, and natural looking lashes.

                                            Lash Extention Packages

                            Full Set- Session  will takes two hours.

                      Fill Ins- To fill in spots that have sheaded over time.
                                      Session will take one hour.

                                                 Two weeks- 50.00
                                                Three weeks- 75.00
                                                Four weeks- 100.00
Xtreme Lash Extentions
Full Set-
Treatment takes two hours for application.

Fill Ins-
Replaces Lashes that have been shedded off with natural lashes. The treatment takes one hour.

​Two weeks- 50.00
Three weeks- 75.00
Four Weeks- 100.00